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Call for Artists

Dear artist,


Welcome to EV Contemporary LLC,


Now, in order to promote your show to the widest audience possible, we need you to provide us with the following material.



Please include your contact information, as well as your education, your experience in art, and other relevant information with respect to your career. Please list all gallery representations, exhibition history, and collections that have your work (private or public).


Artist's Statement:

Should outline your concept, genre/format, process, materials/media, and specific examples and series of work.



JPGs at 72 dpi. Each image/documentation of work must be clearly labeled with the artist’s name, title of work, dimensions, media, and year the work was completed.


Image checklist:

A separate corresponding image checklist with artist’s name title of work, dimensions, media, and year work was completed.


Press Packet:

Past reviews, publications, postcards from exhibition or digital catalogue from past exhibitions.


Press Material Guideline


All the above information will be our material for invitation cards, and Press Release which we will mailed to our list of collectors, art dealers, Press Consultants, and more. If you have your own professional contacts we can email the invitations to them, in case of print invitations cards it will be additional 10 cents each.


The opening reception will be organized and other events will be finance by EVC. Please note that help to find sponsors is always appreciated.

Any questions with respect to submissions should be addressed to


Thank you for your interest,

Best wishes,

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