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Humberto Salas

(b. 1974) Caracas, Venezuela.
Mr. Salas earned a BFA with distinctions form “Escuela de Artes Plásticas Rafael Monasterios Maracay -Venezuela. Salas holds numerous awards, including the 1992 University of Carabobo Award L Arturo Michelena Hall, Valencia- Venezuela. 1993 International Sculpture Award "North Wind" I Triennial of Sculpture, Chaco - Argentina. - Mr. Salas has participated in multiples biennials and triennials on an international level. His art is currently on display in the permanent collection of the prestigious Francisco Narvaez Museum in Venezuela and private collections in the United States

EV Contemporary Art Gallery


Opening Reception – October 9, 2021

From 5- 9 pm


Humberto Salas' chicks are born in Margarita Island, they shall stay there until the moment comes to flap their wings to leave the nest. From the safe and warm refuge that sways to the sound of the island breeze, they observe the Greenish blue immensity of the Caribbean Sea; some reflections and questions arise, what will be the next place of migration?


The chicks have not yet taken flight; However, they are Salas's center of research and sculptural reflection. They are born from a white marble native to the Island, and their nests perched on blackened and white salt mangrove branches that throb with life.


Salas's "Migratory" series of installations investigate that reckless process that represents the importance of the mystical flight to other destinations and how crucial this journey is for the conservation of the blue planet and humankind.


Salas considers himself a contemporary-classical sculptor concerned with preserving the spiritual and the environment. Fragility will threaten his chicks that have not yet left the nest and are in danger of succumbing before they fly away. However, without delay, they still follow the natural circle of life, and when finally, they take off, they will carry in their beaks and wings the seeds that are the pulsation of Humberto's sculptural poetry: LOVE.

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