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Sacha Zabotin

Sacha Zabotin paints between Brooklyn, New York and northern Corsica.   He attended Bates College in Maine and studied Environmental Studies with a focus in Social Movements and Social Change.  Sacha’s primary focus is memory.  He paints a story of what he imagines it to look like in physical space, within and around us. Inspired and informed by the artists in his family, Sacha aims to take the visual language and history he was left with one lifetime further


What I am trying to paint is a subtle space that defies impermanence, where everything that happens gets stored.  Portraits of a resilient space charged with an impeccably clear and vivid memory.  I am looking at what this space can look like on personal, community, national, worldly scales, and painting characters into this space with their own stories, personal backgrounds, culture, emotions, spiritual and political views.  May this spatial representation empower disenfranchised individuals and communities and allow space for resolution.  May it also be a constant and recurring validation of our shared experience.


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