With an overwhelming choice of artists and artworks on the internet, EVC methodically curates each piece and artist.

Our mission is to connect with an ample range of partners within the art world to facilitate and captivate our outstanding portfolio of contemporary artworks by established and new artists.

But that’s not all! Whether you are a private collector, corporation, or enthusiast, our group of Art Advisors and Consultants will guide you through each step of your interest in acquiring, managing, and displaying your art collection with a free-of-charge first consultation.


Art Reproduction



Art Reproduction of paintings, Drawings, Two and three dimensional art Work.


We offer an outstanding fine art reproduction services for galleries, museums, artists and private collectors.


Artworks will be photographed in studio or location as needed

Photo coaching and workshops, online portofolio review  & coaching session.


Gallery Spaces

We prepare gallery spaces for exhibitions, viewings and photography

Install Artwork

We install artwork, prepare walls and floors for your next exhibition.


We assit you to organizing art storage areas, tools and workstations materials.


We preparate your gallery lighting according to your exhibit or event

Art Preparation




For many artists, dealing with finances is not a top priority until a financial emergency strikes.

It is typical for artists not to receive a steady paycheck, and so it is vital that artists understand their income, their debit, their taxes, their savings and buils retirement.

We provide peace of mine to help the artist to empower the crativity.